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Sam’s power yoga program has increased my flexibility, muscle tone and strength to levels that I didn’t think I could rediscover in my mid-50’s. But yet here I am, feeling great, hitting the golf ball further, straighter and more consistently than I ever have. Since I started this program my handicap has dropped 4 shots to the lowest its ever been, and I’m breaking 80 frequently.

Sam and I have worked together for more than 15 years and he’s one of the very few professionals who really “get it.” He’s studied how different parts of the body and mind work together and incorporated that into his workouts. He understands my goals, how my body responds to various exercises and he has been able to focus on creating workouts that maximize my potential.

But more importantly Sam has a welcoming personality, and he easily connects with everyone he comes in contact with. I have no doubt that he can help you reach your fitness goals, and do so in a way that’s challenging, but enjoyable. You will quickly see results that will last.


Philip Malakoff

CEO, Acme Industries

I was about 28 weeks pregnant with my third when I started taking Sam’s Ultimate HIIT Workout. I tried to keep active during this pregnancy and self-motivating became harder and harder. Somehow Sam on Saturdays was all the motivation I needed. I started to look forward to his class. He not only demonstrates every exercise but his voice becomes your personal coach, your personal motivator to give the class everything you have… I took Sam’s class until I was 38 weeks pregnant and I thank my easy delivery on the shape he got me in! Thanks Sam!


Colleen Mitgang


Sam’s power yoga workout has allowed me to become my strongest self. It has given me energy to start my day and allowed me to connect my mind and body through simple yet powerful poses. Since I have started this program I have seen my flexibility improve which has help me feel less stiff during the day. Sitting at my desk for work no longer hurts my back and I am able to sustain energy and enthusiasm. In addition, over the course of this program, I have seen my body tone up with long lean lines. I have never felt stronger!

Merchandise Analyst, E-Commerce at Calvin Klein

I have worked with Sam and his team at Helix & Gene for the past 2 years, starting with a metabolic reset and then progressing to intense mind-body health coaching. I can only say that this is a true revelation. I have known Sam for twenty years and he has taught me that the key to a healthy mind in a healthy body is a consistent commitment to the ‘mantra’ that you must train your mind to change your body. Sam started Helix & Gene to take his passion to a new level and I am one of the many benefactors of his mindful, healthful coaching to make me a stronger, fitter and overall better person. This is a completely transformative way of training and I am a humble, willing disciple.


dr Gary Gecelter

Chief surgeon at St Francis Hospital

I have been pleasantly surprised by the great results I have achieved from Sam Balooch’s power
yoga program. The program energizes neural pathways via exercise and breathing
combinations that I have never before done, despite having worked out all my life. I highly
recommend the power yoga program to anyone looking for a novel and challenging mind and
body workout regardless of your age or fitness level when starting.