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Have you always had that internal calling to become more zen but just had no real direction? Have you been searching the internet to find the perfect yoga instructor?
Searching everywhere from yoga for men or women to yoga and meditation. Well look no further because you have arrived. Sam Balooch has created the ultimate virtual classes for power yoga by using his philosophy of Zen. Using this powerful method of training the nervous system through Zen yoga, you can actually learn to stay present, get in great shape and lower anxiety. Our premium membership offers instructional videos to all the moves Sam uses. So if you want to learn breath work and yoga for beginners at home or get right into advanced movements and classes that will push you to get lean flexible and strong, click below and become an official ZENNER.


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Zen is a way of life. It is an unseen language that we all understand. It is the all encompassing, judgment free, powerful state that we can all achieve. It is personal to each of us and yet it connects us all. The enlightenment is the process, ZenYoga is the path.

 How do i start ?

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what can i expect?


Sequential movements and holds to achieve spine and joint stability while spiking the metabolism. Get lean, flexible and strong. 


The proper correction of the spine and geometrical alignment of the body to soul, provides a clear and focused mind.


Designed to obtain a spiritual experience through physical movements and different breathing techniques

about the kriyator

Fitness, Mindfulness, Fatherhood

about the kriyator

Fitness, Mindfulness, Fatherhood

The philosophy here is gaining control of the brain through the body and not the other way around. Most philosophies are taught by learning how the mind operates. My system puts your body in a state of endorphins through these movements and breathing techniques that allow you to release physical tension and in turn calm the mind.