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Sam Balooch is the co founder of the mega wellness company Helix&Gene. For 20 years Sam’s mission in life has been to find out how to get the gold out of everyone he meets. In the search to help others achieve their ultimate dreams, he discovered his own purpose.

Growing up the first 9 years of his life in the middle of a war zone prepared Sam to be resilient in life and to always take every second he has with full gratitude.

It’s taken Sam 20 years to complete his system which teaches people the ultimate outline for finding their own inner ZEN. The authenticity of HGZen is felt through Sam’s live training classes as well as all the programs he offers.
Sam takes pride in being a person who has achieved high internal spiritual enlightenment, yet his most prized achievement is the ordinary life he has created with his beautiful wife and two children.
Living a life of a loving husband, an involved dad as well as the CEO of Helix&Gene, he truly walks the walk he talks. He lives by the principle of “First learn to Teach, then start to Preach”.

Meditating for 15 years every morning, as well as studying under some of the best minds in the fitness and spiritual world, he has created a philosophy of personal ZEN.

Sam believes his dedication to understanding others as well as his unshakable discipline for self mastery has led him to this point of now sharing what he knows.

“It’s taken 20 years of committed daily work no matter what the circumstances, to achieve this spiritual point of self mastery. When I say achieve, I by no means indicate that I have hit a pinnacle of spirituality, in actuality I have now finally opened the true authentic door to the beginning of
understating the self.”

Sam has studied deep philosophy, yoga as well as scripture, psychology and anatomy/kinesiology to put together HGZen.

“Train your Mind, Change your body”

The philosophy here is gaining control of the brain through the body and not the other way around. Most philosophies are taught by learning how the mind operates. My system puts your body in a state of endorphins through these movements and breathing techniques that allow you to release physical tension and in turn calm the mind.