How do i start ?

5 Pillars of Stability

These 5 Pillars are meant to be done sequentially in the order above without rest for a duration of 1 minute hold in each position.
The total time of these 5 pillars is 5 minutes.
The individual will do these 5 pillars for a warm up first and come back to them at the end of the workout for 5 minutes again.
This is how each of the workouts above will begin and end.

2 meditations

90 seconds of breath of fire done right after 5 pillars sitting in lotus or crisscross style position.

• This breath done in the beginning of the practice has the individual focus on the
connection to the gut as it pulsates like a heart beat with each breath.

• When performed again at the end of the workout, the individual will now be cued to keep the eyes closed and focus their attention to their eyes and push them together as they are pressed hard shut. To bring the eyeballs together where the brow Point meets in the middle of the eyebrows. This stimulates the pineal gland.

1. Downward dog

2. Upward dog

3. Push-up Plank

4. Twisted Flag pose

5. Frog stance / Eventually to
tripod headstand

The Vagus nerve’s origin and insertion starts and ends from the gut to the brain. This will now connect the brain to the gut causing for a decrease in inflammation. This will open up the energy locks along the spine and allow energy to travel from the gut to the brain in an efficient manner.

60 seconds natural breath following the breath of fire meditation. This breath brings the person back to a calm yet powerful ZEN state. A space of powerful

The philosophy here is gaining control of the brain through the body and not the other way around. Most philosophies are taught by learning how the mind operates. My system puts your body in a state of endorphins through these movements and breathing techniques that allow you to release physical tension and in turn calm the mind.